Old Town Hall Wedding by Mark Scire

Almost a month to the day I was given the opportunity to capture the beautiful wedding of my good friends Jenn and Evan. The venue they choose for their big day was Old Town Hall, a historic building located in the heart of downtown Fairfax. It was chilly and windy the day of their wedding. We were lucky enough for it to snow the majority of the day leading up to the ceremony which gave us the chance to snag a few pictures in the snow afterwards.  Below are a few of my favorites from the day.

100 Drifters of December by Mark Scire

With car season coming to a close on the East Coast, 100 Drifters of December is typically the final event before just about everyone goes into automotive hibernation. With that in mind I woke up bright and early Sunday and had Tony meet me at my house. We loaded our gear up into my car and made the quick 40 minute trip to Summit Point Raceway in WV to spend the day hanging out with friends and shooting some cars getting sideways in 30* weather.